Before & After | Walking Bridge {Katy, Tx Photographer}

January 22, 2015

in Project 365

I thought I’d do a quick before and after of this image I shot a couple weeks ago for my 365. We were driving on the highway and I was in the passenger seat with my camera on my lap. When I saw this walking bridge coming up overhead I knew it would make a great silhouette, but I didn’t have any time to change my settings…only time to snap! So I did, knowing I’d have to work on it later in post. Here’s the before and after (note, I didn’t save my steps as I went along, so I redid the edit for these screenshots…so it may not look *exactly like the final edit):


1. Here’s the SOOC pulled into ACR (hello blown highlights! eek! lol)

2. Pulled the Recovery slider as far as it would go and decreased exposure and brightness. Looking better!

3. Pulled it into Photoshop and used the Clone tool to patch in some missing clouds (I heart the clone tool!)
before3Better…(remember this is kind of sloppy since I recreated the edit for this post…I took a little more time cloning for the final edit)

4. Used the Warp tool (Edit>Transform>Warp) to bend the bridge into an arch (I heart the warp tool!)
More interesting now, huh?

5. Converted to b&w and added contrast and sharpening for the final image

Thankfully all of my 365 photos don’t take this long, or I would’ve quit a long time ago! lol

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